Top 3D nail styles to incorporate into your elaborate manicure routine

2022-07-29 18:59:02 By : Ms. Jarol Hong

As much as we like to keep it safe with a french manicure, it can get boring. Check out 3D nails if you’re in for something more experimental.

Are you bored of the same old nude manicure and want to spice up your nail game? You should opt for 3D nails. 3D art is the hottest nail trend of 2022. From floral designs to bubbles, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to 3D nails. You could say it rose to popularity when Kylie Jenner debuted her orange water droplet nails on Instagram, and suddenly everyone was talking about it. Since then we’ve seen so many variations of the trend, some are extremely expressive and dramatic, while others are subtle but bold.

The techniques that nail artists use for these nails are impressive. Skills like precision, patience and determination come in extremely handy. They can be played with by using a whole variety of ways, sometimes by placing cartoon characters and sometimes by using chromatic embellishments. Creativity has no limits when it comes to 3D nails. Here are our top picks:

Our obsession with all things gloss has been transported to nails as well, 3D jelly nails that originally originated within the Harajuku community of Japan are one of the more subtle forms of 3D nails. The process of achieving this look begins with layering sheer shades. And then the design is created with harder gel polish and a thin brush.

Another 3D nail style, this one is pretty daring. This kind of nail art can certainly draw a lot of attention. This look is created by making the desired design on the nail with gel and then chrome is put on the nails to give the holographic effect. If you feel like these nails are a bit much for a manicure, then there are a lot of retailers selling designs like this for stick-on nails so you can get the look without the commitment.

If flowers are more your style and you feel like chrome and jelly nails are too extreme, then you should go for a floral version. The technique stays the same but instead, floral motifs are created on the nail using an extremely fine brush. These nails are probably the most common out of all 3D nails and can be worn at special occasions such as weddings.

This is the trend that started the recent obsession with 3D nails. The master of these droplet nails is Sojin Oh, who found @sojinails on Instagram. Her clients include Hunter Schaefer, Normani, Kylie Jenner and Lil Nas X, each of whom has gotten a variation of the droplet nails.

For those who want to incorporate 3D nails but are looking for something more muted, using 3D embellishments on your French tips could be a good idea. This gives you the excitement that 3D nails offer but they are more understated.

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