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2022-05-27 18:16:57 By : Mr. Yoli Zhang

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HipDot is known for serving us some pretty unique collabs — I mean, who could ever forget the iconic My Chemical Romance collection that set our emo hearts ablaze? This time, the brand is teaming up with another group you may be familiar with: the Girls Scouts of America. That’s right, now you can grab Thin Mint- and Caramel DeLite- (formerly known as Samoas) inspired pigments from the HipDot x Girl Scouts collaboration.

The entire HipDot X Girls Scouts collection.

HipDot’s latest collaboration is a sweet dream that’ll have you serving makeup looks worthy of a silver platter. This four-piece collection with Girl Scouts of America contains just about everything you need to create endless styles: two vibrant eye shadow palettes, a makeup brush set, and a lipstick trio. 

Every product from the line is available at and you can find a few of these can’t miss items at and the Girls Scouts online shop. We’re taking a quick dive into each and every product, below:

HipDot X Girl Scouts Thin Mint Pigment Palette

HipDot X Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Pigment Palette

HipDot X Girl Scouts Brush Set

As its name suggests, the mint chocolate chip-scented Girl Scouts Thin Mint Pigment Palette contains six green, gold, and bronze shades that have creamy, blendable formulas to satisfy your cosmetics cravings. If your style leans towards pinker shades, the Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Pigment Palette, inspired by the organization’s beloved Caramel DeLite cookies, contains six hues that fit right into your aesthetic. CAN WE ADD ADDITIONAL BUY BUTTONS FOR ULTA?

No matter which palette you grab, make sure to pair it with the Girl Scouts Brush Set, an eye shadow brush duo that contains one brush for blending in pigments and a packer brush to apply an opaque layer of shadow onto your lids. 

HipDot X Girl Scouts Lip Set

HipDot X Girl Scouts Collectors Box

The Girl Scouts Lip Set is a trio of yummy nude lipstick bullets that are inspired by some of the most popular cookies the organization has to offer, including Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel DeLites, and Lemonades. As you can expect, each shade has a light scent inspired by its respective cookie, but what you probably don’t know is that these creamy formulas are spiked with moisturizing coconut oil, argan oil, and vitamin E for pillowy soft lips. SAME HERE FOR ADDITIONAL ULTA BUY BUTTON!

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