The 7 best vegan makeup brushes of 2021

2021-10-26 03:15:52 By : Mr. Linqiao Chen

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If you are moving towards a 100% vegan lifestyle, replacing animal-derived foods is the first step, but there is another place in your home that may hide them: your cosmetic bag. 

The use of animal fibers in cosmetic brushes seems to be an ancient practice, but even the largest cosmetic brands continue to use animal-derived materials in their products. Due to the lack of regulation or animal welfare laws in the countries where many of these items are produced, it is difficult to know whether the products are manufactured in a cruelty-free manner, especially since few brands can trace the source of these materials. 

However, there is a simple and truly cruel alternative. According to Tai Young, a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles, synthetic fibers are an affordable alternative and are actually better for your skin. "They are easier to clean and disinfect, and they last longer than animal hair brushes," she said. "They are naturally more hygienic than animal hair brushes. Animal hair brushes have more holes, so they are more likely to collect the growth of bacteria and microorganisms."

If you want to switch, we have searched for the best vegan makeup brushes in the high and low range, they are also environmentally friendly.

There is no smarter way to keep your cosmetic bag green and light than using EcoTools' set of interchangeable brushes. This small tin set comes with five brush heads, including an angled brush for bronzer and powder, a buffer for applying foundation cream, an airbrush concealer, an angled crease for eyeshadow, and a For combing the spools of mascara-coated eyelashes or eyebrows. However, the reason why this suit is so convenient is that its head can be interchanged on two bamboo handles, making this kit minimalist and ideal for use on the go. 

We like EcoTools because 100% of its products are vegan and cruelty-free. These brushes have synthetic bristles, recycled aluminum and bamboo-the latter is a more sustainable alternative to plastic. These brushes also come in biodegradable packaging.

If you only need one set of tools for your cosmetic bag, please consider this pair from the affordable beauty company Brandless. The handles of these vegan brushes look like they are made of plastic, but in fact they are made of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means the material comes from sustainably managed forests. 

Brushes are also made of synthetic hair to ensure that they are 100% vegan, and the brand itself is committed to not conducting animal testing, and has also eliminated 400 potentially harmful chemicals in its entire product line to ensure that you can Use everything completely safely. 

This set not only ensures that your eyelashes and eyebrows remain perfectly trimmed, even when you are on the go, but it is also very affordable. In fact, all brushes of this brand are priced between US$4 and US$10, making them a truly economical vegetarian option.

Invest in the future of your skin with these gorgeous makeup brushes from Prados, a native beauty company in New Mexico. The brush is handmade and made of 100% recycled materials, including 100% synthetic brush fiber, 100% recycled wooden handle, and the metal ferrule connecting the two is made of 100% recycled aluminum. Even better, this company not only contributes to the environment, but also donates part of its profits to indigenous communities. 

If you are committed to being green and vegan when it comes to cosmetics, it is worth spending money on these brushes. You can only see a small amount of shedding from the bristles, which means these brushes will last a long time. Buy an angled blending brush to apply eyeshadow more gently, choose a soft concealer brush to help you get full coverage, or choose a full set of professional makeup brushes, no matter what kind of makeup you want.

Use this 12-piece vegan makeup brush set to create a charming look without animal hair. This kit is handmade by craftsmen in Kumano, Japan, and includes every brush you need for daily use and finer designs. From large paintbrushes to small precision pencil brushes, you will have a variety of sizes to perfect your shape.

Most importantly, the feather-soft bristles are made of synthetic fibers and are designed with high-quality materials to avoid shedding. Looking forward to easily shaping, blending and hiding in the next few years.

Few companies have exactly the same vegan qualifications as Body Shop, and they have been relentlessly opposed to animal testing for more than 40 years. This British brand sells a series of super soft brushes with nylon bristles and bamboo handles. Our favorite is this double-ended eyeshadow brush.  

Most importantly, Body Shop has been certified by B Corp since 2019 and is the world's largest B Corp founded by women. It has also obtained cruelty-free certification from the industry-leading Leaping Bunny, ensuring that no animal testing is used in the product manufacturing process. For additional eco-friendly chocolate cake points, 66% of The Body Shop’s packaging is currently recyclable, and the goal is to reach 100% of all by 2025.

For a minimalist option that can do all of this, consider this multi-purpose bamboo brush from B Corp Elate Cosmetics. Manufactured by the vegetarian and sustainable cosmetics brand Elate Cosmetics. It is very suitable for applying liquids, creams and powders, making it an ideal all-round tool. 

Ethical and FSC-certified bamboo handles-water treated, not chemically treated for a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process-are glued to natural non-porous and antibacterial synthetic Taklon bristles using biodegradable ecological resin. After the brush life is over, you can even compost the bamboo handle and put it back on the ground.

Elate Cosmetics also sells a range of different brushes for applying eyeshadow, eyeliner and other products, or you can purchase a convenient five-piece set with a super sustainable bamboo tube for easy storage (see Elate). The company has also obtained PETA's vegan certification and has achieved zero cruelty in accordance with Leaping Bunny standards.

“One of my favorite brush brands is Badllium. They have a range of vegan brushes that are also treated with antibacterial bristles, which is a clear benefit,” said makeup artist Mandie Brice.

The five-piece professional-grade suit uses bamboo handles and soft bristles to help minimize discomfort. The company opposes animal testing on all of its product lines, and due to local laws and regulations, their products will not be sold anywhere that requires animal testing.

The price and quality of brushes from the leading vegan makeup brand EcoTools are hard to match, and we like the practicality of the interchangeable handles in this set (check it out on Elate Cosmetics' multi-purpose makeup brushes use sustainably sourced bamboo handles and hypoallergenic bristles. They are an equally affordable and sustainable alternative. If you strive to be waste-free, you can even send them in the smallest packaging (see ElateBeauty. com).

Cruelty-free does not necessarily mean vegetarian food, which is why you must be more careful when buying products that claim to be animal-friendly. None of the best vegetarian products have been tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal-derived materials or ingredients. 

Look for certifications such as the Leaping Bunny standard from Cruelty Free International, which proves that no products or any materials used to make these products have been tested on animals. You can also look for the PETA "Beauty Without Bunnies" logo, which proves that a company is either cruelty-free or cruelty-free and vegan. 

Makeup brushes are more than just bristles. The handle also has an impact on the environment. Veganism does not necessarily mean environmental protection, because it usually relies on plastic materials that are by-products of the fossil fuel industry. 

To mitigate this effect, watch out for those who use more sustainable materials in the handles. The most common is bamboo. Compared with other woods, bamboo grows fast and does not require the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. To ensure sustainable procurement, please seek certification from a third-party organization (such as the Forest Stewardship Council). This certification shows that the wood comes from forests that are sustainably managed in accordance with strict environmental and social standards, which means that the wood you buy will not damage the world's forests. 

If you want to prevent animal cruelty and help protect wild habitats, it is best to avoid using plastic heavy packaging, which may end up being landfilled, incinerated or polluting the ocean. Look for products that use more recyclable packaging (such as paper or cards) and do not use unnecessary boxes or packaging materials.

"Even beyond ethical reasons, there are some reasonable reasons for synthetic bristles makeup brushes," explains Los Angeles makeup artist Mandie Brice. "If you are using liquid or cream cosmetics, synthetic bristles are recommended anyway because they are easier to apply and easier to clean than animal hair brushes." 

What's more, because synthetic bristles are not fragile, you can actually disinfect them more easily without worrying about them breaking down. "This is an important factor to consider, especially during pandemic or cold and flu seasons," Bryce said.

will not. Animal hair is more porous, which means it will absorb more product. Therefore, the use of synthetic fibers can actually help make your makeup look better and longer lasting, which is a victory for your pocket and the planet. This also makes vegan brushes great for liquid makeup like foundation or concealer, because you will find that more of it actually reaches your face instead of staying on the brush.

This depends on. Synthetic fibers are usually made of plastic materials, which are by-products of the petroleum industry and are difficult or impossible to recycle. However, many vegan makeup brushes try to balance this by using sustainable materials in the rest of the design. Many use fast-growing bamboo as a handle; this wood is considered more sustainable than other woods because it does not require pesticides or chemicals to grow, and it can usually be composted at the end of its useful life.

Aluminum can also be used for the ferrule (the metal that connects the bristles to the handle) on the brush; aluminum is easy to recycle, so it can be reused again and again, making it one of the most sustainable metal options.

To make this list, we investigated vegan products, specifically looking for products with external certifications. We also aim to make our choices as environmentally friendly as possible through its materials, packaging and manufacturing process. We also interviewed professional makeup artists to understand the pros and cons of switching to vegan makeup brushes.

Author Steph Dyson (Steph Dyson) loves all sustainable things, and likes to test drive green products. She is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by choosing vegan products and making other ethical choices in daily life.

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