How to touch the cube in the Halloween update for Season 8 of "Fortnite"

2021-10-26 03:14:48 By : Mr. hu xiao

Dark Jonesy’s Halloween mission line in Fortnite has multiple stages, one of which requires you to interact with anomalous cubes.

For those who don't know, these supernatural objects are the main focus of Fortnite season 8 (which is actually named after them). Appearing on the island at the climax of the "Action: Fire in the Sky" event, they took into account all factors such as battle pass rewards, equipment in the loot box, and even opened the door to the strange Sideways universe.

It is difficult to miss these colorful artifacts at first, because they appear in almost every crevice of the map. However, as Season 8 progressed, some cubes have been relocated or completely disappeared.

For this reason, when Dark Jones asks you to touch one of them as part of his new quest line, you may be a little confused about where you should go. To help you solve this problem, Newsweek has compiled a handy guide.

After you complete the second stage of Dark Jonesy's punch card (this task requires you to restore the mental container), he will ask you to "touch a cube."

This initially sounds like a very simple task, because these objects were once seen everywhere on the island. However, with the recent update of Fortnitemares, the cube suddenly became more elusive.

In short, it turns out that they are now all combined in one location, called "fusion." This is right in the center of the map and was once a point of interest for Aftermath.

When you arrive here, you will notice that it looks like a huge fortress made up of a pile of Rubik's Cube puzzles. Unfortunately, there are only a few cubes that actually count towards your mission objective, so you can't just brush yourself on one of the exterior-facing blocks.

Instead, you need to venture into the compound itself and look for bigger, brighter cubes, such as the yellow cubes shown in the image below. To touch the cross-dimensional anomaly, you only need to touch it, and the shock wave pulse will knock you back.

After completing this operation, you will complete the third stage of the Dark Jonesy questline and receive generous XP rewards.

In related Fortnite news, a series of new cosmetics have recently been launched in the item store, including Halloween costumes designed by Kaws, and promotional packs for the new Dune movie.

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