Use these best foundation brushes to apply and blend your makeup

2021-10-26 03:15:59 By : Ms. Ellen Zhao

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Want to know how celebrities, influencers, and even your colleagues or neighbors get flawless spray-painted skin? They may use foundation brushes for makeup.

Whether you are using liquid foundation, powder foundation or cream foundation, the foundation brush can provide your skin with a uniform and completely mixed application, which you cannot do with your fingers or even a sponge. 

Whether you are using an airbrush foundation (our favorites are Magic Minerals airbrush foundation and Jerome Alexander airbrush foundation, just in case), BB cream or regular foundation, the foundation brush can provide you with an airbrush effect.

When buying a foundation brush, you have many options. Beginners may prefer a set of brushes to test different types of foundation brushes and decide which one they like best. Yes, there are actually different types of foundation brushes to consider:

Still not sure which brush to buy? Check out this list of the best foundation brushes to find the one that suits you.

Best overall foundation brush: Flat top Kabuki foundation brush-Advanced makeup brush for liquid, cream, powder-Blending, polishing, stippling brush-Professional quality synthetic dense bristles

The best foundation brush with no shedding bristles: KESHIMA Flat Top Kabuki foundation brush – premium makeup brush for liquids, creams and powders – polishing, blending and face brushes

Best Soft Kabuki Foundation Brush Set: BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set Premium Synthetic Foundation Powder Blush Eye Shadow Kabuki Brush Set, Makeup Brush with Makeup Sponge and Brush Cleaner (10 2 pcs, black/silver)

Best toothbrush foundation brush set: MODA Full Size Face Perfecting 4pc oval makeup brush set, including – foundation, contour, detailed contour and concealer brush (prismatic)

The best foundation brush for beginners: DUcare flat top kabuki foundation brush, synthetic professional liquid mixed mineral powder makeup tool, rose gold/white

Best blend foundation brush: elf Buffing foundation brush, vegan makeup tool, for seamless makeup and even coverage

Best budget foundation brush: wet n wild Flat Top Brush

Best foundation and eye shadow brush set: BS-MALL Makeup Brushes Premium Synthetic Foundation Powder Concealers Eye Shadows Makeup 14 Pcs Brush Set, Rose Golden, 1 Count

The most versatile foundation brush set: Zoreya makeup brush 15 makeup brush set advanced synthetic kabuki brush cosmetic foundation concealer powder blush mixed facial eyeshadow brush set (black)

The best 3-piece foundation brush set: DUcare Makeup Kabuki Brushes 3Pcs Foundation Brush & Concealer Brush & Blusher Brush Face Blush Bronzer Travel Buffing Stippling Contour Liquid Blending Makeup Brush set White

The best foundation brush set for all makeup applications: makeup brush MAANGE 16 professional makeup brush set with 4 makeup sponges and 1 brush cleaner Kabuki liquid eye makeup brush tool (champagne gold) foundation brush

The best foundation brush for natural makeup: Real Techniques 1411 Professional Foundation Makeup Brush for Even Streak Free Application, Pink

The best foundation brush set for full coverage: Kugge Under Eye Concealer Brush & Foundation Brush for Liquid Makeup, 2PCS Dense Synthetic Angled Flat Top Kabuki Blending Makeup Brush, for Liquid, Cream and Setting Powder

The best foundation brush for sensitive skin: Yoseng Oval Foundation Brush Fast Flawless Application Liquid Cream Powder Foundation

The best foundation brush for normal to oily skin: foundation brush, premium flat top Kabuki liquid makeup brush, blend, cream, powder, blush, polished dots, makeup tool (black, A (flat top))

This ultra-dense Lamora brush is made of 100% vegan and cruelty-free bristles to evenly spread foundation on the face. The silky bristles will not absorb too much foundation, and they are soft enough not to irritate your skin.

You can use a brush to apply foundation, loose powder, blush or bronzer. If you are not satisfied with the brush, the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are tired of brushes that leave bristles or shedding on your skin, this Keshima Kabuki brush is for you. The brush is made of high-quality synthetic bristles and goes through a specific 7-step process to prevent shedding.

For people with sensitive skin, the bristles are also soft and silky and will not cause irritation. The brush can also be easily put in your cosmetic bag, so it is suitable for people traveling or who want to travel with a foundation brush.

This 12-piece makeup brush set comes with 10 brushes, a sponge and a brush cleaner. With five different foundation application options and five precision brushes, you will be able to apply makeup evenly on every corner and crevice of your face. 

The brush is made of soft synthetic fiber that will not irritate your skin, and the handle is made of easy-to-grip wood to ensure that every application is seamless and simple.

Those who want a unique foundation application experience should buy this shagadelic Moda brush set. Its prismatic color scheme and toothbrush shape make makeup effective and fun.

The set is equipped with four brushes of different sizes, each with a bendable handle, allowing users to apply the foundation perfectly on all contours of the skin. The tiny precision brushes are great for getting those hard-to-reach spots and covering any blemishes.

This easy-to-grip flat-top Kabuki brush has dense bristles, and it can be applied perfectly in half the time. Although it is not the softest brush on our list, the sturdy bristles apply makeup evenly without absorbing too much foundation. An ideal tool for beginners, the brush can apply makeup easily and evenly, without too much effort to get the best results.

Suitable for foundation, liquid or cream foundation, this brush is the perfect choice for those who don't know much about foundation brushes. It can apply medium to full coverage foundation makeup.

This elf Buffing foundation brush is best for creating a soft, spray-painted foundation makeup look. Its dome-shaped contour and angle can evenly cover the foundation, leaving your skin looking radiant. 

The soft bristles of the brush are also versatile. You can use a brush to apply foundation (cream, powder or liquid) and concealer. The best way to apply makeup is to dip the brush into the foundation and press it against the skin in circular motions.

This wet n wild foundation flat top brush is the most affordable on our list, less than $3. With such a low price, this is an excellent test brush for those who are not sure whether to add a foundation brush to their makeup routine. 

The brush has no residue of synthetic fibers, forming a dense flat head to create a smooth foundation effect. Its ergonomic handle is easy to grasp and can achieve uniform, streak-free makeup application.

If you want a pack of brushes on the market that suits both the eyes and the face, this BS-Mall set is for you. The 14-piece set comes with 5 different brushes, which are most suitable for foundation application, and 5 smaller and more precise eye makeup brushes.

The brushes are housed in a special rose gold travel container, and each brush is labeled to let you know exactly what it is used for. The kit also comes with a beginner's manual.

There are 15 different brushes. This set is the most versatile in our list. It is suitable for those who really want to experiment with different types of brushes. It is best for foundation, concealer, eyeshadow applications, etc.

From brushes such as "Ultimate Blending Brush", "Diagonal Powder Brush" and special creasing brushes, you will be able to apply foundation and more in any form you like.

This Kabuki brush set comes with 3 brushes for the best makeup effect: the angled flat foundation brush is perfect for polishing, the tapered concealer brush can cover imperfections, and the round brush can be used for blush, loose powder and bronzer. 

With FSC-certified handles and ultra-dense bristles without shedding, this 3-piece set is everything you need for a perfect foundation experience.

If you want a brush set that contains almost all possible brush options, then the Maange set is your choice. It has 16 different parts, with brushes for eyes, lips and face, as well as four sponges and a brush cleaner.

The set comes with five different foundation brushes, including large fan-shaped brushes, tapered brushes, and various flat and angle brushes to ensure that every crevice on your face is radiant. 

This Real Techniques dome brush has soft, dense bristles for a natural and polished foundation makeup look. It is best used with a thin liquid foundation for the best smoothing effect, or with a cream, the brush is perfect for polishing the foundation on the entire face.

For best results, start from the center of the face and use front and back movements to blend and polish outwards.

This 2-piece beveled Kabuki brush set uses German synthetic bristles to gently contour your face for a cake-free foundation effect. Although it is suitable for applying everything from BB creams to powders, this brush set is best for the full coverage appearance of liquid foundation products.

Use a larger angle brush to apply foundation, and then use a smaller angle brush to seamlessly blend blemishes, eye circles, and hard-to-reach spots.

This plush toothbrush foundation brush has an ergonomic handle and a mirrored back, so you can check foundation applications on the go.

The round shape of the brush and the easy-to-hold handle allow you to easily apply foundation on your face and blend it using circular or sweeping motions. Moreover, the high-density synthetic fiber is soft and velvety enough for sensitive skin without causing irritation.

The dense bristles on this flat-top Kabuki brush are best for covering up large pores and providing a streak-free look. Its synthetic bristles are soft and will not scratch or irritate sensitive skin.

In addition to foundation, you can also use this brush to apply powder, bronzer or blush. It will evenly distribute your foundation to create a beautiful and perfect makeup look.

Foundation is the key to smooth and flawless skin-of course, if you can apply it correctly. This is where the foundation brush comes into play. 

Anyone can benefit from using a foundation brush, whether you are an experienced makeup artist or a beginner who wants to try new things.

The foundation brush can help you reduce the amount of makeup, which ultimately means you can save money in the long run. Many of them can double as brushes, and can also apply powder, bronzer and blush.

When buying foundation brushes in the market, sometimes trial and error may be the best way to find the product you need. This is why foundation brush sets are usually a good choice because they have different flat, round and bevel options to help you apply makeup evenly and without marks.

Life & Style has affiliate partnerships, so we may be compensated for links to certain products and services.

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