16 best makeup brush sets, suitable for beauty lovers of all levels

2021-10-26 03:15:46 By : Mr. Sebastian GE

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These cover everything from basic knowledge to professional-level detailed work.

A set of makeup brushes is a great gift (even for yourself), but they are not all the same. Many times, shoppers fall into the trap of choosing the first one on the shelf and end up with inferior tools that will soon fall apart, or worse, a bunch of brushes they have never used. This is why it is important to review the available options so that you can get the most benefit. Fortunately, we have hired some professional makeup artists to seek expert advice.

"Makeup brushes are important to anyone who puts on makeup, no matter what level you are at," said celebrity makeup artist Alexis Oakley. "You don't need extra brushes, three to five are fine." Here are some other tips to keep in mind when choosing a kit:

✔️ Consider quality. "Pay attention to how they feel on the skin. The brush should be soft and gentle, not scratchy," Oakley explained. "The better the quality, the longer their service life."

✔️Check the bristles. Most of the brushes on the market are made of synthetic hair, which many people like. But celebrity makeup artist Jay Alarcon prefers brushes with natural hair, usually made of goat hair. "In this day and age, everyone wants veganism and cruelty-free," he said. "They are hard to find."

✔️ Function is the key. "Think about your daily makeup habits. If you only have a few steps, you don't need 25 brushes. I said find a very good foundation, blush, bronzer, eyebrows, and maybe two or three eye shadow brushes," Ou Klee said.

✔️ Budget accordingly. Although some cheap suits will definitely disappoint you, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a good brush. Oakley's preferred brands Morphe and Badllium are reasonably priced. However, she said that if you plan to splurge on any cosmetics, brushes are a worthwhile investment. "Some of the brushes in my kit have been in use for 10 years," she added.

✔️ Consider how to clean them. "Taking care of your brushes properly will also extend the lifespan," Oakley explained. "It is vital to clean them regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and prolong their life."

Now that you know what to look for, please browse our list of makeup brush sets, which will satisfy the needs of beauty novices, experts and everyone during this holiday season.

If you want to cover all the basics, this option will meet basic makeup needs while providing opportunities to expand your skills. It has everything from foundation to blush to face powder, and 19 eye brushes that provide precise and blending effects. In addition, it is super affordable. 

Both Alarcon and Oakley recommend this suit from Morphe to makeup beginners. "It's great because it has everything you need, nothing more," Oakley said. "It's also great for traveling!"

The innovative shape and thick bristles of the suit make it easy to quickly and evenly blend the product onto the skin, and each step has a size, including foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, etc.

"This set is curated by [famous beauty YouTuber] Jaclyn Hill. I think it's great for professionals or people who like gorgeous!" Oakley said. It includes brushes for powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, detail, eyebrows, etc. 

Elf is a time-tested and truly affordable makeup brand. This set includes all the essentials at very reasonable prices. In addition, the bristles are vegan, and the handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of most artists.

Created by famous makeup artist and sisters Nicola Haste and Sam Chapman, Real Techniques brushes are loved by many people. They are of high quality and powerful. Although this set is small, it is equipped with all the necessary things-powder brush, foundation blender, styling brush and eyeshadow brush-to create a beautiful look. It is one of two sets of mixed sponges on this list.

Alarcon said that any Dior suit is worth the splurge. This includes powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush and retractable lip brush as well as a beautiful carrying case.

If you are blindfolded but are looking for a set that will help blend foundation, pressed powder, blush and bronzer, this is your best choice. Its beautiful double-ended design saves space and time, and its gold-plated handle makes people feel very luxurious.

Due to its long handle, not all brushes are easy to carry, which is why the miniature design of the suit is so outstanding. It also has the minimum of not cramming the suitcase, but can still complete the night look: powder brush, angled eyeliner brush, angled blender and two eyeshadow brushes will do the job.

This comprehensive and compact eye brush set comes with a convenient carrying case to zero out the details. It has a large shadow brush, crease brush, applicator brush, oblique eyebrow brush and the thinnest pointed eyeliner brush, which can perfectly modify the sharpest cat eyes.

Despite their higher prices, IT Cosmetics brushes are hailed by the beauty industry as the softest brushes on the market. "So soft and perfectly blended," one Ulta critic wrote. Other shoppers like that they feel sturdy and won't fall off.

This zodiac-themed round brush set by BH Cosmetics is inspired by a series of vibrant crystals to make makeup more interesting. 

Fans of Gilmore Girls will love this set of "A Thousand Yellow Daisies" brushes because it brings back nostalgic memories of their favorite TV show. Three brushes and two sponges meet the basic needs of every styling.

It is called the most wanted criminal for a reason. In terms of makeup brushes, Sigma is considered an OG brand and one of the first brands to keep non-professionals away from using the foam head applicator in the pharmacy palette. The set uses their most popular designs, including flat top kabuki, tapered highlight brush, two eyeshadow blending brushes and a pencil brush. 

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes (Katie Jane Hughes) collaborated with Spectrum to create this suit, bringing her ideal professional suit to the public. These tools are made of synthetic bristles and sustainable wooden handles and look too beautiful to use. The kit also includes Hughes' preferred microfiber towel, which can clean the brush between uses.

This kit is ideal for current or aspiring professional makeup artists. Because of its foldable shell, it is very suitable for travel, and it can also be erected (as shown in the picture) for easy access when working for customers. It includes all types of brushes, from mixing powder to contouring a flawless face.